“You captured our vision and expanded our team’s thinking, introduced ideas and concepts that showed your powerful design skills and experience. You took what we envisioned and brought it to life in a very organized and professional way—on time and on budget.”

Will Moore, CPA, CA Genesa CPAC 745 Thurlow Street, Vancouver

May 2017 Office Design Build

“Since the initial first interaction, your designers expressed and demonstrated keen interest and commitment in understanding and feeling our needs. The creativity and leadership inspired us and the creative design allows a workplace that supports our dreams.”

Kaman Kwok, CGA, CPA Cross-border Tax Consultants Vancouver

Office Design Build

“It is with great pleasure that we write this reference. We are a boutique law firm who utilized your Design and Build Services. The project was completed with more professionalism and attention to detail than we expected. Even better, the project was finished on time, so we could move in as scheduled. If any problems arose, they were taken care of immediately”

Daniel Corrin, Webster & Associates, braininjurylaw.ca Vancouver

Office Design Build

“We received nothing but compliments from the team and visitors these past few weeks. Our Board Members said that they felt jealous that they had to go back to their own downtown offices. I take that as a really good sign. Thank you and your team”

Mariana Fregonese, Director, Corp Communications, Great Panther Silver, 200 Granville, Vancouver Vancouver

Office Design Build

“Counterpoint’s design skills more than met our expectations; one only has to visit our place.”

Parastoo Farrokhyark, CEO Figure and Food, 740 Marine Drive, North Vancouver


“Care to see one of the most outstanding relaxation places in Vancouver? Come and see what Counterpoint built for us, Vancouver’s 1st all float room spa, it is amazing.”

Michael Coy Broderick, CEO Pure Float at 1197 Howe Street, Vancouver

Wellness Float

“Thanks for helping us with the plans, the City and the final build out of our wonderful escape room adventure; we are getting lots of positive feedback from our many customers.”

Kevin Hui, FIND and SEEK Unit 2075 at 88 West Pender St, Vancouver

High Tech Games

“I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the look of our offices. The desks are a big hit with all the staff. Thanks very much for getting us back in our offices on time.”

Patrick Lane, CA, Controller Weyerhaeuser Company Limited 925 W Georgia, Vancouver

Office Design Build

“Our Vancouver staff love coming to work in our Yaletown offices, thanks for all your services”

Marc van den Helder, Booking.com 1152 Mainland, Vancouver

Office Design Build

“Congratulations, it’s always nice to get a testimonial like the one from Weyerhaeuser. I love the desks and the lighting and the space looks terrific!”

Maria Johnson, General Manager, Shon Group Realty, Landlord of 925 W Georgia, Vancouver

Office Design Build

“It is now more than three weeks that the complete renovation is in place, and the positive reaction continues to be a frequent, daily occurrence.”
“The feeling is light, airy and fresh, the panels lend a feeling of nature and tranquility, and lots of folks comment on the comfortable chairs.”
“Patients, my staff, and I couldn’t be more pleased – makes our days pleasant!”
Many thanks, Dr. Katherine Paton

Dr. Katherine Paton


“Brian, you met your promise, you promised us that you would have us in our new offices by December the 19th. And, we are now here in our new offices!” “Thanks again for making it happen.”
Bill Chan, Encorp Canada

Encorp Canada


“We wish to thank Counterpoint Interiors for a job well done on the renovations of our lobby (including the elevator fronts on the upper floors) in our office building. You and your project management team, from design to construction, have produced a premium look to our building. Over much discussions and ideas bouncing back and forth, concept designs, planning and projecting, the final outcome has really produced an impressive look to the interior of our heritage building.”
“Your concept was to update and also to keep a Yaletown heritage feel to it. Your attention to detail, and working with the confines of our existing layout, has made this a successful project. We appreciate that you were always on-site to oversee the project including rectifying any issues that occurred.”
“The compliments from tenants, clients and visitors have been very positive.”
Paula Eng, Property Manager

Narland Properties


"Heritage Office Furnishings has worked with Vancouver’s top design/build firms and it was a pleasure to work with the Counterpoint Interior team on the recent Intact Insurance project.”
“When Intact Insurance looked to consolidate two locations into one downtown Vancouver office tower, 999 West Hastings, perhaps their most important consideration was the selection of a design/build firm to get them there. Intact wisely chose Counterpoint Interiors, and when Heritage joined the team we quickly realized the project was in excellent hands.”


“Counterpoint’s principal, Brian Carroll, brought in one of their Senior Designers to head up the project and from day one things clicked together very well. Although the construction schedule was quite aggressive (design and build out 11 new floors in less than 12 months), Brian’s team took on the challenge with professionalism and integrity. Counterpoint committed to on-time completion from the onset, and they certainly accomplished that goal. Counterpoint were quick to build a cohesive and cooperative team approach between all the sub-contractors; this consultative approach to the project management allowed all anticipated (and sometimes unexpected) challenges to be managed in stride, and as a result every floor was ready for move-in when promised.”
“We look forward to the opportunity of working with the Counterpoint Interiors team again soon.”
Don Maycher, Account Representative


Narland Properties


“Now that we are settled into the new office, I wanted to formally thank you and your team, particularly Thais, for a job well done.”
“We received nothing but compliments from the team and visitors these past few weeks. Our board members said that they felt jealous that they had to go back to their own downtown offices.”
“So, I take that as a really good sign.”
“We had a really tight deadline and a few bumps on the road, but I have to commend Thais for her work ensuring everything was on time as promised. It was a real pleasure to work with her on this project.
Although, I truly hope we don’t have to move in the short term, I would choose your firm again if I had to tackle a project like this in the future.”
“Many thanks again and feel free to stop by any time to see our new space.”

Great Panther Silver Limited

Mariana Fregonese Director,  Corporate Communications & Sustainability


“I just wanted to follow up with you and give you some positive feedback regarding the new office space that you and your company, Counterpoint Interiors facilitated for us.”
“We have settled in very nicely to our new space. The office is very bright and quite functional and we are enjoying the wonderful views!”
“I wanted to compliment you on the choice of art that was installed here recently. The paintings are beautiful - very colourful and cheerful and all the staff love them. They are a lovely addition to our office space and are much enjoyed.

Saint Elizabeth Health Care - Vancouver

Alison Du Hamel, Administration and HR Recruitment


“email: Greetings Julie,”
“I would like to virtually introduce you to Brian Carroll, Principal @ Counterpoint Interiors, (cc’d)”
“I recently consulted with Brian on designs for a proposed rooftop patio at our 8th Avenue office. Although we have not moved forward at this time, Brian and his team provided us with a well-designed and cost effective proposal.”
“Counterpoint Interiors have worked on a number of rooftop patios in the neighbourhood, several of which can actually be seen from our 5th Avenue building and I feel would be a great partner to consult for a rooftop feature if we decide to move forward.”

Thanks in advance for your consideration,


David King Facilities Specialist, Hootsuite


“Thanks again to you and your team for successfully meeting the scheduled substantial completion of our new premises on the two floors at 745 Thurlow in Vancouver earlier this week. The efforts of Mike, Lori, you and the others involved from Counterpoint throughout the project were key to meeting the optimistic timelines we placed upon you, especially given the upfront permit delays the City bestowed upon us.”
“I could only imagine the internal discussions your team was having as we continued to insist on a December delivery date but to us we only saw a diligent team working effectively together to reach the goal.”
“Andrea tells me our staff are very pleased with their new digs.”

Northbridge Financial Corporation

Alex Marton Vice President,  Real Estate & Procurement


“It is with great pleasure that we write this reference letter for Counterpoint Interiors.”
“We are a boutique law firm who utilized the services of Counterpoint to design and build our new office in Vancouver.”
“The project was completed with more professionalism and attention to detail than we expected.”
“Even better, the project was finished on time, so that we could move in as scheduled without hiccups.”
“We highly recommend Counterpoint Interiors.”

Webster & Associates

Daniel Corrin, Lawyer


“I am writing this letter to highly recommend the work of Counterpoint Interiors. Our organization worked with Counterpoint Interiors on the construction and design of our 3,626 square foot office space. We found that the company offers a very high quality of work that we were very impressed by.”


“Specifically, Design Project Manager, Sharon Lum, and Construction Project Manager, Lorraine Lai, displayed a depth of service and attentiveness that created a very positive experience for us as clients. Both Sharon and Lorraine were detailed, responsive, and easy to work with. They not only completed the project within our timeline, but created a beautifully designed and highly functional office space distinctly tailored to our organization's needs. In addition, they went above and beyond on behalf of our organization with other contractors and service providers. We were able to establish a trusting working relationship with Sharon and Lorraine that helped make our transition a smooth one.”
“In conclusion, I would highly recommend Counterpoint Interiors for the design and construction needs of your organization based on our positive experience with them.”


Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre

Irene Tsepnopoulos-Elhaimer,
Executive Director

Western Division
“I had the privilege of working with Counterpoint Interiors Inc. on the renovation of our 11 floor Vancouver Corporate Headquarters which totaled 110,000 square feet. I was very happy with the outcome of the renovations and would highly recommend this company based on the following assets and skills:”


Pre-Design/ Analysis Phase
Strong abilities to block plan using projected staff counts and establishing space guidelines to meet your corporate standard.
Effective in compiling staff programming information: eg. detailed special needs of staff in each department throughout, equipment, existing furniture standards and overall information to best understand our project’s needs.

Planning Design Phase
The Counterpoint team successfully block-planned, space-planned and designed all of our employee floors/spaces, Reception area, full floor Lobbies, and areas of confidentiality to meet all of our necessary criteria.
Guest Meeting Rooms, an executive Boardroom and Large Training Rooms nearby staff areas were all planned to meet our unique needs.
Their planning was done in an efficient, concise, knowledgeable, timely and professional manner and the outcome is very functional and satisfactory.

Furnishings & Aesthetics
Counterpoint did extensive furniture planning on our project, worked very well with our local Systems Furniture supplier/planners and have a strong overall knowledge of Systems Furniture.
The overall aesthetic, quality, value and functionality of the specialty furniture they recommended was also very good.
The Counterpoint team impressed with their selecting of finishes, lighting, furniture and accessories for our project and were successful in meeting our expectations.
Their formal presentations and presentation boards were professional and they have a strong understanding of design aesthetics.

Budgeting Phase. Tender & Permit Phase
Counterpoint supplied complete detailed budgets that were cost-effective and thorough in all areas of our project.
Their complete Issued For Pricing & Tender drawing sets supplied to the trades were easy to understand, organized and detail focused.
Their team had a strong understanding of design and construction and took the time to familiarize ourselves with the building as a whole prior to construction.
Their production and obtaining of building permits were done in a timely manner and we were very happy with their ability to handle last minute changes when needed.

Site Administration & Construction Phase
Their abilities to select the ideal team of trades that were preferred by the landlord/building and their overall management of their Construction team was very good.
Counterpoints Site Management was great and they worked well with the landlord and building management.
Their full-service direction of sub-trades and their ability to control and manage the entire construction phase was a huge advantage to our project.
Their team was consistent in facilitating productive and effective construction meetings and their work directing trades was very impressive.
Their team tracked our project efficiently and supplied us with progress reports and weekly site photos.

Design/ Build Closing Phase & Deficiencies
The Counterpoint Team managed all of the deficiencies and made sure that the building was happy with the construction throughout the entire 2 year renovation.
They were complete in the closing of the Construction/ Build phase, closing of all permits, pricing, costing & invoicing.

“We look forward to working with Counterpoint Interiors Inc. in the future and are happy to be contacted for any further references required. ”


Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) Rape Crisis Centre

Lori Bartlett Driector,  Corporate Services Intact Insurance Company


“I am writing this letter of commendation for Lori Therres, who acted as the job and site coordinator for Counterpoint Interiors. She oversaw a large renovation of the offices we leased at 1193 Kingsway, in Vancouver. It was an extensive remodel of in an older building and because of our specific requirements, including the addition of an elevator and new exterior windows on the west side of the building. The project was very detailed and quite complicated.”
“Our medical offices had a very tight non-negotiable deadline for occupancy in order to seamlessly provide care for our patients. While there were some unavoidable delays due to work taking place over the holiday season, Lori’s competence as a contractor and expertise in dealing with the trades and the city inspector was outstanding. She had us open and operating right on schedule! Also of note, several of the tradesman working on our offices told us that they loved working for Lori.”
“Lastly, our renovation turned out beautifully.”

Lee Saxell, RM, MA,  Medical Director, SCBP and South Hill

“I am pleased to provide this letter of reference for Counterpoint Interiors. I had the pleasure of working with Counterpoint Interiors on the design, development and completion of the Vista Point YMCA Child Care Centre. This centre was developed in partnership with the University Neighbourhoods Association and UBC Properties Trust. In my experience I found Counterpoint Interiors to be a professional and experienced company that worked diligently to support the needs of their clients.”
“During the design phase they were flexible and allowed us ample opportunity to provide feedback and to adjust the designs to meet the needs of a child care operation. The project required the design of a child care space within an existing shell, on the first floor of a 14 story housing structure. The fact that we were working with an existing shell created some design challenges which Counterpoint Interiors helped us solve, allowing us to meet child care licensing requirements.”
“During the development and building phase they managed the vender quotation process, work scheduling and completion efficiently and on budget. We are happy with the final results of our new child care facility.”

“We highly recommend Counterpoint Interiors.”

Kim Adamson, General Manager, Early Childhood and Family Development