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Explore the innovative workplace solutions at Counterpoint Projects, uncovering counterpoints for optimized productivity and dynamic work environments.

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We required an inspiring workplace to enhance our teams’ working requirements. We needed to have ample library space for samples + finishes. We wanted to eliminate workplace hierarchy and facilitate knowledge sharing; and designed the space around an open concept office. We wanted a space that was youthful and progressive. We required a Staff Lounge Area that encouraged us to get away from our desk, socialize and dine together, while also supporting team gatherings and company events. We wanted to increase collaboration spaces and breakout zones to support the way we work and our process, while adding to the overall employee comfort + culture. The space needed to reflect our overall identity here at Counterpoint: dynamic, distinguished + progressive. We also wanted to utilize and tie-in some of the existing elements of the space: concrete floors and core walls, and exposed concrete ceiling. Sit-stand workstations were a must to give designer’s flexibility through out the day, and keeping the open office areas along the window wall and patio to facilitate the exposure of natural light into the space.