The amazing ideas that we create begin with our client's dreams. We start with a basic line. The hand holding the pencil is connected to a heart and soul with a mind that contains a universe of possibilities. Possibilities are what every Counterpoint Interior Design is all about. Elevating workplace spaces to new heights, performing magic before your eyes, recreating your dreams and making you believe in possibility is why we the Interior Designers at Counterpoint come to work every day.

We're Counterpoint, one of Vancouver's top commercial Interior Design Build firms.
"When you need to be impressed!"

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Counterpoint Interiors will design and build
your next office using a moveable wall system.
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About Us

Attractive, friendly, productive, efficient---these are the words clients of Counterpoint Interiors are using to describe their businesses. We've been in the business of designing quality corporate interiors, business colleges and retail outlets since the 1980's. We take pride in the reputation that we have earned. A majority of Vancouver Commercial Leasing Agents have recommended our Services.

What separates Counterpoint Interiors from other Design-Build companies is our unwavering commitment to the highest level of personalized service, attention to detail, and access to top quality trades people and suppliers, at competitive prices.

We're Counterpoint, one of Vancouver's top commercial Interior Design Build firms.
"When you need to be impressed!"

Realtor’s Benefits

Trust in our Expertise: Counterpoint is a specialty practice, with a team of Designers, Architects, and Engineers that are keenly aware of the special considerations unique to Realtors, both in Sales and Leasing. Over 22 years of experience in designing efficient, cost-effective, highest quality commercial environments have been an undeniable benefit to our Realtors and their clients.

Meet the subject closing date: Time is money. We understand the need to close the deal. So, we offer a quick reaction to the Realtor’s needs. We want to be on the site, complete the measurements, come up with a Space Plan and the costs within the days of the Subject closing.

Cost effectiveness: We know what works; we have seen just about all the variations. Realtors benefit from our experience in creating environments for their tenants. We allocate the dollars where they count. We stretch the TI dollar; “do more for less.”

Zoning, Building Codes, Uses: We are the leader when it comes to working with the City Permit departments. Our Team includes Code Consultants and experts that have solved major challenges with the various Cities in the Lower Mainland. We have teamed up with Chercover Massie for over 20 years.

Tenant Satisfaction: We listen. We become very involved and take a personal interest in how best to help with the changes that need to be made. Understanding and being sensitive to tenant needs helps us create commercial-oriented environments. We create a “designed experience,” considering that first impression, traffic flow, interdepartment challenges, sound acoustics, line of sight privacy and all their special needs.

Quality of workspace: Your tenant’s expectations that you described to them at the Leasing discussions will be met. Your tenant’s workspace will benefit directly from Counterpoint&’s experience with quality commercial environments, by design.

Realtors look good: We always have the Realtor’s interest in mind. We will do what it takes to make sure that every project meets expectations. You have our word on that!!

We're Counterpoint, one of Vancouver’s top commercial Interior Design Build firms.
“When you need to be impressed!”